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The Manufacturing Industry sees a job rise by 24% – Amazon and Weetabix set to create thousands of new jobs

For the first time since November 2015, average pay settlements have risen above 2% over the last three months, with the manufacturing sector being one of the top five industries receiving pay rises within the last month. This increase has been attributed to a number of reasons including: Rise in inflation Initiatives from manufacturing employers […]

Rise of the Renewables – Scandinavian Countries aim to be Completely Fossil fuel free by 2050

With the global energy demand expecting to rise to over 40% by 2040, and climate change crying out for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy is becoming an increasingly important part of the worldwide energy supply. The EU countries in particular, are striving to reach their 2020 renewable energy targets, which, according to […]

How can UK Businesses Better Prepare for WannaCry-like Cyber Threats in the Future?

With the recent WannaCry cyber-attack that spread itself across 150 countries, devastating the NHS in the UK (causing procedure delays and surgery cancellations), it is becoming increasingly essential that IT professionals are equipped with sufficient knowledge to handle future hackers and that organizations adapt their IT systems to ensure they are resilient in the future. […]